Cambridge has categorize its Mathematics syllabus as follows:-

Cambridge Primary Mathematics:- Cambridge Primary Education are for age group 5years - 11years. The syllabus of Cambridge Primary Mathematics is very basic and straightforward to learn. The basic concepts of Mathematics includes Subtraction, Addition, Division, Multiplication etc. which are very basic lessons for kids to comprehend.

We provide various services to juniors which are as follows:-

On screen etutors are available for the juniors to gain knowledge.

Etutor will help you to solve problems of your textbook also.

Our team will reform progress outcome of the junior to their parents.

Facility provided to record etutor classes for future revision.

Unbeatable sample papers and notes will be available with our team to teach your junior.

Child care for working mothers is very back-breaking, So etutor is the solution to make your child pre-eminent in education field.

Opportunity to gain knowledge from Cambridge Primary Mathematics by sitting at your home.

After forthcoming to home, kids observes exhaustion and has to phase very burdensome time after school i.e. going to tutelage or coaching's. Cambridge Primary Mathematics provides junior the best guidebook by their team and also show juniors the right path towards the education and best part is he/she don't have to go outside their home to procure knowledge.

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Cambridge Secondary Mathematics Tuitions:- There are two branches in Cambridge Secondary Mathematics i.e. Secondary 1 and Secondary 2.

Online Help for Cambridge Secondary 1 Mathematics:- Students of the age group 11-14 years can attend Secondary 1 Education.

Main categories of Cambridge Secondary 1 Mathematics are as follows:-

Numbers, Integers, Power and Roots, Place Value, Ascending Order, Descending Order, Ratio and Proportions etc.

Topics in Algebra:- Functions and their Graphs, Sequence and Series, Linear Equations and Algebraic Polynomials.

Topics in Geometry:- Shapes and their Area and Perimeters, Position and Movement, Drawing Figure Diagrams.

Categories given in Secondary 1 Mathematics are quite strenuous for juniors because these all topics contain new concepts. Our team has organized learning program of Secondary 1 Mathematics in such a simple way by giving examples based on daily routine so that junior can easily understand the concept of Mathematics and can easily solve any problem. We give training to our juniors to draw Geometrical Figures on their own so that they can easily apprehend the concept.

Online Help for Cambridge Secondary2 Mathematics

The concepts to learn in Cambridge Secondary 2 Mathematics are as follows:-

Algebra and Graphs



Co-ordinate Geometry


Matrices and Transformations



Juniors are not aware of these topics they all are new concepts for them to learn. That’s why our team explains each and every single line to the junior in brief so that he/she do not feel insecure while solving mathematics problems. Our team also discuss all questions of junior’s textbook also so that he can gain more and more knowledge. We also gave kids important questions and sample papers to solve as student is new to this concept, by practicing more and more question he/she will gain more strength.

Online Mathematics Tuition for Cambridge Advance Level Mathematics

For gaining excellent marks junior needs to follow some rules

  1. Junior needs to understand the concepts very seriously, if facing any problem he/she should ask from etutor. We will help you to solve each and every question from your book as well as we will provide you past sample papers also which will help you in gaining good marks.
  2.  Junior need to calculate with high speed. With the help of many Vedic Mathematics Methods we will  guide our students to fasten up their speed and focus on their aim.
  3. After we complete your text book and school syllabus, we will focus on sample papers and past question papers which will be very beneficial for the kid to work on his/her speed.
  4. Our team now days observe that many kids can solve questions orally but they feel nervous while writing the solutions, etutor will give more and more question to solve in written so that juniors understands the concept of questions better.


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